Developing Immuno-therapies with Maestro Z

Presentation from the Festival of Biologics 2020 by Stacie Chvatal, PhD.

Evaluate the killing kinetics of immune cells (e.g. CAR T or NK) at physiologically relevant effector cell to target cell ratios with Axion's Maestro Z live cell analysis system.


Axion BioSystems' Maestro Z system offers impedance-based cell analysis for real-time, continuous, label-free monitoring of your cells. Continuous data reveals the kinetics of immune interactions with cancer cells for better mechanistic understanding without the time- and cost-intensive process of repeating multiple endpoint assays. In this presentation, learn how the Maestro Z next generation cell analysis platform can be used for developing immunotherapies. The advantages of Axion’s Maestro Z are discussed and example data from selected applications, including cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, and immuno-oncology, are presented.