Organoid Analysis Module

Organoid Module for Omni

Organoid Analysis Module

Complex models don’t have to mean complex analysis. Organoids represent an exciting avenue for disease research and discovery, bridging the gap between traditional 2D cell cultures and animal models. The Organoid Analysis Module for the Omni systems can identify, track, and analyze large numbers of organoids across an array of culture vessels with advanced machine-learning algorithms for faster, more accurate results. With the latest in live-cell imaging technology, take your research further.


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Key Features



>> Accurate – From label-free cell monitoring to fluorescence-based assays, the Omni adds dynamic visual results to any experiment.

>> Fast – Minimize user-to-user variability with advanced image analysis that incorporates innovative machine-learning algorithms.

>> Powerful  – Get better data with software that assesses the number, size, eccentricity, and population distribution of organoids in a sample.


Take out the guesswork with advanced machine-learning algorithms

Manual organoid counting is a common practice in many labs, but this method is time-consuming and user-dependent. With the Organoid Analysis Module, quickly identify organoids, compare conditions, create population distributions, and chart development over time.

With the Organoid Analysis Module, you can measure:

>> Number

>> Diameter

>> Area

>> Eccentricity/Roundness


Quantify organoids of all shapes and sizes

Organoids come in many shapes and sizes due to a variety of factors, including cell type, disease phenotype, and even culture conditions. The Organoid Analysis Module is able to detect and quantify a diverse range of organoid phenotypes.

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