Cell Proliferation

cellular kinetics assay for cell proliferation
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Different cell lines exhibit different patterns of growth and cell behavior that form their unique cellular profile. These time-dependent cellular profiles are sensitive not only to cell type, but also cell density, purity, and environmental interaction.

Axion BioSystems' Maestro Z, ZHT, Pro, and Edge systems offers impedance-based cell analysis for real-time, continuous, label-free monitoring of your cells. Continuous data reveals the kinetics of cell interactions and drug responses for better understanding without the time- and cost-intensive process of repeating multiple endpoint assays.

Track cell proliferation in real time

Cells grow, attach, and interact differently based on their biological function. Collectively, these properties result in a unique cellular profile. The Maestro impedance assay allows you to track this cellular profile, and to distinguish cells based on type, density, morphology, and attachment. The cellular profile can also be used to ensure cell quality and purity, quantify growth rates, and optimize assay timing. All of this information is available without complicated experimental setup or analysis. With the push of a button, the Maestro system will maintain environmental control and continuously, non-invasively monitor your cells as long as needed, while providing real-time growth curves and simple endpoint plots.

HeLa cells plated on a CytoView-Z plate at varying densities and monitored through proliferation.
HeLa cells were seeded on a CytoView-Z plate at varying densities and the impedance was continuously monitored by the Maestro Z
Cells growing over time

(A, B) HeLa cells were seeded into the CytoView-Z plate at varying densities and monitored on the Maestro Z system during the attachment and proliferation phases. (C) Growth curves for HeLa, A549, and Calu-3 cells illustrate distinct cellular profiles.

Assay Steps
Cell proliferation assay protocol steps

Getting started with Maestro Z, ZHT, Pro and Edge couldn't be easier. Culture your cells in an Axion multiwell CytoView-Z plate (Hour 0). Load this plate into the Maestro system and allow the environmental chamber to automatically equilibrate. Observe cells adhering to the plate and proliferating as changes in the recorded impedance signal (Hour 0-72). Add test compounds as required. Track changes in cell proliferation in the CytoView-Z plate label-free and in real-time with the Impedance Module software.