Scratch Assay Module

Scratch Assay Module for Omni imaging

Scratch Assay Module

A scratch assay or wound healing assay is a commonly used method to study collective cell migration in vitro. With the Scratch Assay Module for Omni and Lux, you can monitor and quantify the progression of would closure or cell invasiveness over time.

With the Scratch Assay Module:

  • >> Monitor cell migration in real time and label-free
  • >> Quantify the gap closure and cell migration speed
  • >> Evaluate the effects of treatments and conditions on cell migration​


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Key Features

>> Versatile in vitro cell migration assays – Assay cell migration, wound healing, and cancer cell invasion and tailor experiments to your specific research need.

>> Simple data acquisition – Don’t waste time at the microscope. Set up the Omni or Lux to automatically image your cultures in the incubator and view your results anywhere, at your convenience.​

>> Automated analysis – Access results instantly to evaluate your cultures and assess the progression of your experiment.​



Study cell migration with precision and ease

Cell migration plays a crucial role in various biological processes, from embryonic development to wound healing and disease progression. The Scratch Assay Module allows real-time, automated visualization and quantification of cell migration, reducing manual intervention and increasing throughput and reliability of your assays.​

Scratch Assay Timelapse

The Scratch Assay Module can quantify:​

  • >> Scratch area (µm2)​
  • >> Speed (µm2 /s)​

Researchers can generate publication-ready graphs using the integrated software eliminating the need for additional processing.​

Scratch area v. time


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