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Axion’s software modules for the Omni platform enable simple assay setup, real-time cellular visualization, and fast analysis. Discover the module best suited for your research and transform your complex data into clear results.


The Omni platform has five different software modules available to meet your assay needs:

Confluence Software Module

Cell Confluence – Available in brightfield or fluorescence. Know exactly when to passage your cells or track cell growth and death in your experiments.

Cell migration or wound healing or scratch assay software module

Wound healing/Scratch Assay – Investigate the progression of wound closure over time.

Colony Detection software icon

Clonogenic Assay - Monitor and quantify cell proliferation and colony formation to study the effects of cytotoxic and immunotherapeutic agents.

Fluorescent Object Count software

Fluorescent Object Count - Quantify fluorescent objects over time and between wells when running fluorescence-based assays.

Organoid analysis

Organoid Analysis - Identify, track, and analyze organoids across an array of culture vessels using an advanced machine-learning algorithm.



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