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Maestro ZHT

Axion BioSystems’ Maestro ZHT™ platform measures cell proliferation, death, morphology, attachment, and signaling label-free and in real time. Screen drug and biological candidates in a 384- and 96-well plate formats. Track immune cell-mediated killing, viral infectivity, cancer cell invasiveness, endothelial barrier function, wound healing, and more.

These high-throughput assays are real-time, continuous, and label-free, revealing the full cellular response profile and kinetics using electrical impedance. Get more complete data without the time- and cost-intensive process of repeating multiple endpoint assays.

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Key Features


Taking care of the assay so you can focus on the science.

  • >> High-throughput, continuous monitoring of your cells - Up to 384 simultaneous live recordings from your cells. The Maestro ZHT system performs noninvasive electrical measurements from the cultured cell population, circumventing the use of dyes/reporters that can perturb your cell model and confound results. Track activity over hours, days, and weeks from the same population of cells label-free and in real time.
  • >> Precisely control the cells' environment - There is no need for an additional cell culture incubator, saving valuable lab space and money. Maestro Z’s smart environmental chamber finely controls temperature and CO₂ while rejecting electrical noise and mechanical vibrations.
  • >> Start your assay with the push of a button - “One button setup,” means temperature and CO₂ levels automatically adjust on plate docking. Plate usage is logged via an integrated plate barcode scanner for convenient experiment tracking.
  • >> Review your results faster - The Impedance module with AxIS Z™ software provides a simplified approach to the setup, execution, and analysis of experiments.
  • >> Achieve 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in GLP/GMP labs - Designed with clinical translation and a regulatory environment in mind, the optional GxP Impedance Module makes the assay easy to validate and fully auditable while maintaining many of the streamlined and user-friendly features of AxIS Z.
  • >> Validate your assay for high throughput screening - A 384-well cytotoxicity assay using the Maestro ZHT was validated for high throughput screening, achieving high Z' ( Z'=0.81, n=2 ) with no edge effects.
  • >> Monitor your experiments from outside the lab - The Maestro Z App allows you to check in on your cells and experiment to ensure everything is running smoothly while you are away from the lab.
  • >> Increase throughput with multiple Maestros - Continuously monitor multiple plates automatically and simultaneously with multiple Maestro support. Save space in your lab by controlling multiple Maestro systems using a single computer.


Multiple Maestro Z support available



Axis Navigator software links to imaging data in the Axion Portal

Multiplex your assay: Maestro + Omni

>> Platform cross-compatibility lets you view live-cell imaging alongside real-time, functional data to enhance your analysis

>> Monitor electrode coverage and cell morphology to ensure consistent, quality results

>> Experience no-hassle tracking—the Axion Portal automatically links data via barcode

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Cell-based assays are critical to evaluate human biology in vitro. Many cell-based assays, however, are limited to a single snapshot in time. These endpoint assays can miss important events in cell proliferation, death, and signaling. Axion BioSystems’ Maestro ZHT platform offers continuous, label-free, impedance-based monitoring of your cells. Reveal the detailed kinetics of cell signaling interactions, cytotoxicity, and a host of drug responses for a better biological understanding without the time- and cost-intensive process of repeating multiple endpoint assays.

Maestro Z product family


Impedance software modules for Maestro Z


The Maestro ZHT system is available with two software modules: Impedance and GxP Impedance. Select the software modules to match your assay needs:

Impedance – Track cell proliferation, morphology, and viability label-free and in real-time. Ideal for immuno-oncology, cytotoxicity, virology, cell migration, cell proliferation, GPCR assays, and many more.

GxP Impedance – Achieve FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in GMP/GLP labs with this version of the Impedance Software Module.

Cells growing to confluence over microelectrode array


The Maestro ZHT system is compatible with the both 384- and 96-well impedance assay plate.

CytoView-Z™ – The Maestro impedance plate with a transparent well bottom for cell visualization and assay multiplexing. Available in a 384-well and 96-well plate formats.

Omni live-cell imaging system

Cross-compatible Platforms

The Maestro ZHT system has cross-compatibility with:

Omni™ – Compliment your impedance assays with whole-plate images of your cultures. View electrode coverage and culture health over time with just a few clicks in AxIS Z. Compatible with the Omni and Omni Pro 12™ systems.

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