MEA Automation Module

Axion BioSystems MEA Automation Software Module

MEA Automation Module

The MEA Automation Module for Maestro Pro and Maestro Edge provides an application programming interface (API) in AxIS Navigator for interfacing with liquid handling platforms or other systems to automate MEA experiments.

Increase your throughput by combining the robotic platform you already use for other assays with the MEA Automation Module to fully automate Maestro Pro/Edge assays.

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Key Features

Use your liquid handling system with the MEA Automation Module to automate your Maestro assays, including plate preparation, media changes, drug dosing, moving plates in and out of the Maestro, and MEA data acquisition and analysis.

The AxIS Navigator API in the MEA Automation Module supports many programming languages, including C#, Python, MATLAB, and more, so it can be used with a variety of robotic platforms.


Functions include:


  • Dock/undock the plate and open/close the door
  • Set and retrieve temperature and CO2 levels
  • Load a plate map or acquisition/analysis configuration
  • Query plate information (barcode, plate type, etc.)
  • Play, pause, stop the acquisition/analysis
  • Add annotation and dose tags
  • Store information in the file (experimenter name, etc.)
  • Load stimulation files and start stimulation



Automate Maestro Pro and Edge MEA assays with the MEA Automation Module. Use your robotic liquid handling system to plate cells in the MEA plate, maintain them, and dose when needed. Integrate with the AxIS Navigator API in the MEA Automation Module to move plates and in out of the Maestro when needed, acquire data, and finally analyze data to generate endpoints. Streamline your Maestro Pro and Edge assays with the MEA Automation Module.

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