Three-dimensional, multifunctional neural interfaces for cortical spheroids and engineered assembloids

Park Y, Franz CK, Ryu H, Luan H, Cotton KY, Kim JU, Chung TS, Zhao S, Vazquez-Guardado A, Yang DS, Li K, Avila R, Phillips JK, Quezada MJ, Jang H, Kwak SS, Won SM, Kwon K, Jeong H, Bandodkar AJ, Han M, Zhao H, Osher GR, Wang H, Lee KH, Zhang Y, Huang Y, Finan JD, Rogers JA.

Science Advances, 2021


Engineered brain organoids are gaining popularity for providing insights into improving treatments for neurodisease and neurodevelopmental disorders in vitro.  Brain organoids can model complex features of the brain in vitro but current 2D conventional approaches to recording data can make it difficult to record from the whole structure.  The authors in this paper developed a compliant, multifunctional 3D electronic interface to surround the organoid and monitor activity over an extended period of time.  This new interface connected to a Maestro Pro MEA system through a custom connection to record the neural activity.  This allowed the authors to perform studies from hiPSC-derived cortical spheroids and evaluate the organization and function of the neural networks, including bursting along the surface of the organoid.