Human microglia states are conserved across experimental models and regulate neural stem cell responses in chimeric organoids

Authors: Popova G, Soliman SS, Kim CN, Keefe MG, Hennick KM, Jain S, Li T, Tejera D, Shin D, Chhun BB, McGinnis CS, Speir M, Gartner ZJ, Mehta SB, Haeussler M, Hengen KB, Ransohoff RR, Piao X, Nowakowski TJ.

Cell Stem Cell, 2021



Microglia are macrophages are found within the brain, however little is known about their diversity and function as ex vivo strategies to study their interactions are currently lacking.  In this study the authors, compared human microglia across culture models including primary and pluripotent stem cell-derived microglia.  Additionally, xenotransplantation of human microglia into cerebral organoids allowed them to reveal the transcriptional changes in neural stem stems in vitro.  Furthermore, microglia accelerated the emergence of synchronized oscillatory network activity in brain organoids by modulating synaptic density.