TEER with Maestro Z

High Throughput assessment of Barrier Function

Trans-Epithelial Electrical Resistance (TEER)

Epithelial and endothelial cells form barriers in the body.  The strength and integrity of these barriers can be assessed via measurements of the electrical resistance across the cell layer, called TEER.


TEER Made Simple and Reliable

Axion BioSystems’ Maestro Z system measures cell coverage and TEER, simultaneously, across 96-wells using label-free technology. With built-in environmental controls, automated acquisition, and intuitive software controls, TEER measurements have never been easier.


The Maestro Advantage
  • Label-free, non-invasive impedance recording for long term monitoring.
  • It’s easy and hands-free! Just culture your cells in the CytoView-Z plate and measure barrier function for minutes to days.
  • Axion’s 96-well CytoView-Z plates facilitate high throughput data collection and viewing of your cells under the microscope.
  • Environmental controls provide a stable environment for both acute and long-term studies.
  • Reliable measurements from well-to-well performed simultaneously each minute.
  • Experiment management is automated via barcode tracking to simplify your assay