Differential development and electrophysiological activity in cultured cortical neurons from the mouse and cynomolgus monkey

Zhang X-Y, Li J, Li C-J, Lin Y-Q, Huang C-H, Zheng X, Song X-C, Tu Z-C, Li X-J, and Yan S.

Neural Regeneration Research, 2021


Cortical neurons are used in vitro to understand neuronal function.  The differences between primary rat and primary primate cortical neurons during development and as a model for pathological studies is unknown.  Using the Maestro multielectrode array (MEA) system the authors showed that the primate cortical neurons developed slower and took longer to show an electrophysiological response than cortical neurons from mice.  Infection with adeno-associated viral vectors for Huntington's Disease brought about physiological differences between the transfected primate and mouse cortical neurons in vitro suggesting that the primate primary cortical neurons are better suited to simulate human developmental neurological diseases.