Axion expands operations with acquisition of M-Solv Manufacturing Limited

Axion BioSystems, a leading life sciences tools company focused on advanced bioelectronic assay technologies, announces the acquisition of UK-based printed electronics manufacturer M-Solv Manufacturing Limited, a subsidiary of M-Solv Ltd. The creation of the new division, called Axion BioSystems Manufacturing, UK, Ltd., cements the six-year partnership between the companies and positions Axion for continued growth and innovation.

“The need to control the supply chain has never been more important,” said Tom O’Brien, CEO of Axion BioSystems. “This vertical integration not only ensures that our customers have the products they need to conduct critical biomedical research; it also allows us to advance assay plate technologies more rapidly to meet the increasingly complex scientific demands of our users.”

Since 2017, M-Solv has supplied Atlanta-based Axion BioSystems with high-resolution proprietary printed electronics circuits, a critical consumable used in Axion’s flagship Maestro Pro multielectrode array benchtop instrument. The Maestro Pro system provides pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and research scientists with a state-of-the-art cell analysis platform for disease modeling and drug discovery. Integrating M-Solv’s development and manufacturing team represents a key step forward in Axion’s continuous efforts to streamline manufacturing and continue its leadership in this space.

“The M-Solv manufacturing team is proud to have played a role supporting Axion’s growth over the last six years,” said Phil Rumsby, CEO of M-Solv Manufacturing Limited. “Now, as part of the Axion Group, we are looking forward to working together even more closely to grow this part of our business as we develop the next generation of bioelectronic assay consumables. Alongside our biosensor business, we will continue to maintain and grow our strong position in touch-panel devices.”


About Axion BioSystems
Axion BioSystems is a leading life science tools company focused on developing and commercializing label-free, bioelectronic assays used to study the function of live cells in vitro for drug discovery and disease modeling. The team at Axion BioSystems is dedicated to continuing the advancement of bioelectronic assay technology that enables the understanding of biological complexity outside of the body. Axion BioSystems is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and also has an office in Shanghai, China. Axion has more than 90 employees across its current locations.


About M-Solv Manufacturing Limited
M-Solv Manufacturing Limited develops and manufactures unique printed electronics, making industrial-grade capacitive touch panels and biosensors at its foundry in Oxford, UK. Prior to acquisition by Axion, the company was part of the M-Solv Ltd. group of companies. M-Solv Ltd. is a world leader in the supply of advanced laser and inkjet digital production tools with teams based in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, and is ultimately owned by the Hong Kong-based CN Innovations Group.

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