CytoView-Z Plate

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    CytoView-Z well bottom
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    CytoView Z 96 well Plate
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CytoView-Z delivers high-quality impedance results with a thin, transparent well bottom for culture visualization.

Available in a 96-well format, CytoView-Z plates have a recording electrode embedded in the culture surface of each well, enabling non-invasive and label-free impedance measurements over days, weeks, or months. On-plate viewing windows aid cell visualization and imaging.

Key Features


Get more from every assay.

  • Record high quality data: Recording electrode spans the entire well bottom surface to get the most information from your cells.

  • Observe and image your cells with transparent plates:  Compatible with light microscopy for daily culture monitoring.

  • Assay multiplexing enriches impedance data: Complement your impedance assay with data from fluorescent or luminescent plate readers. 

  • Environmental control features:  The evaporation-reducing lids and built-in humidity reservoirs help control your cells’ environment.

Cytoview Z impedance plate catalog for live cell assays

*Schematic of well illustrating the recording electrode (blue) and the ground (orange).




High quality impedance data

A number of different cell types perform well on the CytoView-Z plates, showing excellent attachment and proliferation across all wells and the exceptional signal quality Axion customers expect.


Cell visualization and assay multiplexing

The on-plate viewing windows offer additional assay flexibility including cell visualization and assay multiplexing. Bright field imaging enables correlation of cell culture health and connectivity with impedance results. Multiplex fluorescence- or luminescence-based assays with your impedance study to probe complementary endpoints. 

CytoView Z cells on a well in a plate


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