A transgenic mouse embryonic stem cell line for puromycin selection of V0 V interneurons from heterogenous induced cultures

Authors: Pardieck J, Harb M, and Sakiyama-Elbert SE.

Stem Cell Research & Therapy, 2022.


Scientists use Axion’s Maestro MEA platform to characterize interneuron populations in vitro. 

Ventral VO interneurons hold great promise as cell replacement therapies for people with spinal cord injury or disease but generating interneurons from stem cells can be challenging and inefficient. In this study, scientists develop a scalable transgenic mouse embryonic stem cell line to enrich ventral interneurons from induced cultures. To characterize the electrophysiology and maturity of the ventral VO interneuron co-cultures in vitro, the researchers used Axion’s noninvasive, label-free Maestro Edge multielectrode array (MEA) platform. Overall, the findings demonstrate a successful method for purifying VO interneuron cultures for use in future in vitro and in vivo studies.