Sapovaccarin-S1 and -S2, Two Type I RIP Isoforms from the Seeds of Saponaria vaccaria L

Authors: Louisa Schlaak, Christoph Weise, Benno Kuropka and Alexander Weng

Toxins, 30 June 2022

In this study, type I ribosome-inactivating proteins (RIPs), sapovaccarin-S1 and -S2 were isolated from the seeds of Saponaria vaccaria L. The Axion BioSystems Omni was used to monitor the cytotoxicity of sapovaccarin-S1 and -S2 on hepatocyte carcinoma Huh-7 cells using non-invasive brightfield live-cell imaging. It was shown that sapovaccarin-S1 and -S2 induced cell death in Huh-7 cells, suggesting that these proteins would be optimal candidates for targeted anti-cancer therapy.