Osteogenesis and osteoclastogenesis on a chip: Engineering a self-assembling 3D co-culture

M.A.M. Vis, F. Zhao, E.S.R. Bodelier, C.M. Bood, J. Bulsink, M. van Doeselaar, H. Eslami Amirabadi, K. Ito, S. Hofmann

Bone, 24 May 2023


The authors of this study developed an in vitro 3D microfluidic bone-on-a-chip coculture system. The Lux2 was used for short-term and long-term (35 days) on-chip culture, capturing the spontaneous differentiation and self-assimilation of human mesenchymal stromal cells into osteoblasts and eventually 3D bone tissue. Because of its small footprint, the Lux2 could be effortlessly incorporated into the microfluidic chip design. The results shows that a functional bone-on-a-chip model was successfully developed, including the importance of such a model to facilitate drug testing in the future.