Generation of region-specific and high-purity neurons from human feeder-free iPSCs

Sato T, Imaizumi K, Watanabe H, Ishikawa M, Okano H

Neuroscience Letters, 2021


Controlled production of region specific neural cell types in a feeder-free format with high purity and functionality provides a crucial pathway to recapitulate neurological and psychiatric diseases for in vitro disease modeling.  In this study, the authors developed a novel culture system to produce  region-specific neurons such as such as cortical neurons, interneurons, dopaminergic neurons, and spinal motor neurons derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC). A multiwell microelectrode array (MEA) system was used to measure the electrophysiological activity of cortical neurons. Results demonstrated  increased active firing and formation of neuronal networks over the course of maturation which supported data collected from calcium imaging analysis, indicating that the hiPSC- derived cortical neurons were functional.