Efficient generation of CA3 neurons from human pluripotent stem cells enables modeling of hippocampal connectivity in vitro

Sarkar A, Mei A, Paquola ACM, Stern S, Bardy C, Klug JR, Kim S, Neshat N, Kim HJ, Ku M, Shokhirev MN, Adamowicz DH, Marchetto MC, Jappelli R, Erwin JA, Padmanabhan K, Shtrahman M, Jin X, Gage FH.

Cell Stem Cell, 2018


Explore how Maestro MEA technology helped to create a comprehensive and efficient differentiation paradigm for hiPSCs that offers critical insights into the network activity aspects of Schizophrenia and may serve as a promising tool for modeling diseases with hippocampal vulnerability. 

Keywords: CA3, dentate gyrus, hippocampus, pyramidal neuron, rabies, schizophrenia, synaptic connectivity, disease model, maturation, network, neural characterization