Application of under-oil open microfluidic systems for rapid phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility testing

Chao Li, Sue McCrone, Jay W. Warrick, David R. Andes, Zachary Hite, Cecilia F. Volk, Warren E. Rose and David J. Beebe

Lab on a Chip, 2nd March 2023

In this study, the authors aimed to develop a system to detect antimicrobial activity by using a an under-oil open microfluidic system (UOMS) to perform antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST). The Axion BioSystems Omni was used to visualize the whole UOMS-AST device over time, and the Axion BioSystems Confluency algorithm easily calculated pathogen growth for all conditions. Altogether, the results suggest that the usage of UOMS-AST for detection of antimicrobial activity is promising, while it also has a high potential of commercialization.