Establishing an In Vitro Assay for Predicting Neurotoxicity Risks Using Functional Human iPSC-Derived Neurons

Liu H, Zhong W, Saavedra L, Portmann T, Davila J, Haag D, Huang T.

Safety Pharmacology Society, 2020


Neucyte presents a novel iPSC-derived neuronal/glial in vitro coculture assay for quantifying neurological liabilities of chemical compounds. Defined ratios of glutamatergtic neurons, GABAergic neurons, and astroglial cells on multielectrode arrays produced robust synchronized network activity capable of predicting seizurogenic potential of 12 reference compounds. 

Axion's MEA platform was used to record the spontaneous synchronized neuronal network activity of the neuronal co-culture composed of human glutamatergic excitatory neurons, GABAergic inhibitory neurons, and astrocytes.

The electrophysiological responses were recorded from the neural co-cultures after vehicles or compounds were treated in order to evaluate in vitro neurotoxicity.

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