Characterization of an in vitro synaptic propagation assay using iPSC-derived neurons and multiwell MEA technology

ISSCR 2021 Poster number 777

Authors: Daniel Millard, Denise Sullivan, Heather Hayes

•  The Maestro multiwell MEA platform enables functional characterization of neural cell culture activity with a flexible, easy to use benchtop system.

•  The Maestro MEA coupled with the ibidi two compartment insert provides a versatile assay platform for interrogating the connection between two neural networks in vitro . The cell types seeded on the MEA, timing of divider removal, and the configuration of the analysis offer flexibility to address a variety of research questions.

•  The synaptic assay framework presented here with the Maestro provides a new technique for studying neuro muscular junctions, developing regenerative therapies aimed at restoring synaptic connections, and modeling neurodegenerative diseases characterized by aberrant or disjointed synaptic activity.


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