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The scalable live-cell assay system

Maestro TrayZ high throughput live-cell assay system


The Maestro TrayZ


The Maestro TrayZ is the latest in bioelectronic engineering. With a thin multiplate design developed to accommodate multiple trays in an incubator, you can turn any standard incubator into an assay powerhouse.

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Simple. Fast. Efficient.



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Without labels... or limits

Cell-based assays are critical to evaluate human biology in vitro but standard endpoint assays can miss important events. Get better data with sensitive bioelectrodes that continuously measure cellular function, without invasive dyes or labels.




See what it can bring Maestro TrayZ live cell data analysis

to your assay:

  • Immunotherapy/cell killing
  • Cell proliferation
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Barrier function
  • Cell migration/invasion
  • Receptor signaling






DO MOREMaestro TrayZ inside incubator

Scalability to meet your needs

Each tray of the Maestro TrayZ docks four plates—and multiple trays fit in one incubator. Special features increase throughput without increasing your workload. From basic research to therapeutic development and manufacturing, the Maestro TrayZ suits any lab.





Barcode trackingMultiple Maestro TrayZ in incubator high throughput

Never mix up your plates when going in and out of the incubator.

Automatic recording

Start recording immediately on docking and never miss a moment.

Interactive touch screen

Manage your plates directly at the device with intuitive controls.



Choose the MAESTRO Z for you

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