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Why do labs choose Maestro?

The Maestro MEA platform makes it easy to perform complex electrophysiological experiments and gain deep insights into the function of cells. Since launching our first multiwell plate-based Maestro MEA system more than a decade ago, it has become an indispensable tool in academic, biotech, and pharma labs around the world. When you purchase a Maestro, you get the support of our team of experts and join a dedicated community driving research forward.


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The complete multiwell MEA system

Maestro MEA offers the best combination of throughput, resolution, and ease of use. Discover why Maestro MEA is emerging as the new standard for excitable cell function.

Key Features

>> Multimodal configurations

>> Simultaneous full-plate recording

>> Built-in environmental controls

>> Powerful, intuitive software

>> Automation compatibility

>> Noise-reduction engineering

>> Barcode plate tracking

Maestro MEA


How do you measure activity?

Evaluating electrical activity can give important context to your research. Detailed functional characterization is critical for understanding disease mechanisms, but many researchers avoid it because the techniques can be laborious. But electrophysiology doesn’t have to be difficult when Maestro microelectrode array technology makes functional readouts accessible. Why should you choose MEA?


Get Data


Detailed functional profiles

Dynamic spatial and temporal functional data reveals how cells fire and interact in culture


Cell Monitoring


Noninvasive cell monitoring

Noninvasive electrodes track activity over time for maximum experimental flexibility


Easy Assay Technique


Easy assay technique

Requires only basic culture techniques with no labels, dyes, or complicated steps



The ideal tool for discovery

Whether characterizing the development of disease models or screening new therapeutics, quality functional readouts are essential for making informed decisions. The Maestro MEA platform is compatible with most electrically active cell types. Learn more about our main applications:


Neural Activity
Neural activity

Network analysis, 
synchrony, LFP, spikes 

Learn More

Cardiac Activity
Cardiac activity

Excitation, contraction, 
propagation in one 

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Cellular Kinetics
Cellular kinetics

Real-time cell health 
and function monitoring

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Choose the

Maestro MEA for you

Maestro Pro: The premier bioelectronic assay system

The Maestro Pro can do it all. Compatible with all modules and plate types, the Maestro Pro has maximum flexibility and throughput. Take electrophysiology to the next level with detailed analysis and up to 96 wells assayed simultaneously.

Maestro Pro
Maestro Edge: Benchtop versatility and performance

The Maestro Edge has mid-level throughput and top-tier flexibility. Compatible with all modules, the Maestro Edge is a multimodal MEA and impedance system adaptable to a wide range of experiments.

Maestro Edge
Maestro Volt: Quality data at an affordable price

The Maestro Volt makes quality MEA data accessible to any lab. The introductory MEA-only system is available with the Neural or Cardiac Module.

Maestro Volt


Maestro features comparison

There’s a Maestro MEA system for every lab. Pick the throughput you need and select the software, plates, and peripherals for your desired functionality.

Maestro MEA Family


Softwares modules

To expand your capabilities

The Maestro MEA platform has seven software modules available. Select the software modules to expand your system’s functionality and match your research needs:

Maestro MEA System and Modules
Neural Software Module

Neural – Measure the key parameters of neural network function, including activity (are the neurons functional?), synchrony (are the synapses functional?), and oscillation (is the network functional?).

Cardiac Software Module

Cardiac – Record the four key measures of functional cardiac performance, label free and in real time in every well of the multiwell plate: action potential (a.k.a. LEAP assay); field potential; propagation; and contractility.

MEA Viability Software Module

MEA Viability – Measure cell viability and coverage on MEA plates for a complete structure-function assay.

MEA Automation Software Module

MEA Automation – Automate Cardiac and Neural MEA assays with this API for interfacing with liquid handling platforms.

Impedance Software Module

Impedance – Track cell proliferation, morphology, and viability label-free and in real-time. Ideal for immuno-oncology, cytotoxicity, virology, cell migration, cell proliferation, GPCR assays, and many more.

GxP Impedance software module

GxP Impedance – Achieve FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in GMP/GLP labs with this version of the Impedance Software Module.

Impedance Automation software icon

Impedance Automation – Automate impedance assays with this API for interfacing with liquid handling platforms.


Plates and peripherals

In a range of formats

Our high-quality multiwell plates feature a range of throughputs and electrode counts. Select the multiwell plates to match your assay needs:

Maestro MEA Plates


Axion Lumos

Lumos optical stimulation

Incorporate cutting-edge optical techniques into your research and control your cells with light using Lumos.

Axion Lumos Compatibility