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Live-cell imaging and analysis from your incubator

Omni Pro 12 and Omni FL




The Omni live-cell imaging systems are designed for continuous multiwell imaging in your incubator. Through intuitive design and robust image acquisition and analysis, the systems accommodate multiple applications and users. With automated brightfield and fluorescent imaging, you can study complex biological processes with ease.


Omni live-cell imaging assay system front view




Single platform, many uses

From cell culture monitoring to complex, multistep assays, the Omni platform is developed to accelerate research and enhance your cell culture workflow.


Incubator-based, whole-plate imaging

See every cell without disturbing the biology.

Monitor one plate or many

Choose your throughput with single-plate or automated multiplate handling.

AI-driven analysis

Quantify dynamic cellular processes in real time.

Omni pro 12 in incubator


SEE MOREOrganoids on the omni

Cellular biology up close

Live-cell imaging offers noninvasive analysis of cell health, morphology, and function. Generate more accurate and reproducible data using whole-plate brightfield imaging and fluorescence-based assays.




Image and analyze the whole plate

Whole plate imaging

Measuring the whole well captures every cell, and AI-driven, machine-learning algorithms quickly analyze the results for easy, label-free brightfield assays. Even at low densities, like in this clonogenic assay, whole-well imaging ensures consistent, quantifiable results.



DO MOREFluorescent assays

With simple assays

Red and green fluorescent channels make the Omni compatible with a wide range of assays. Here, the interactions between immune cells (red) and cancer cells (green) are monitored over time.

See what it can bring to your cell culture workflow:

  • Cell health and proliferation
  • Immune cell killing
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Tumor spheroids and organoids
  • Cell migration
  • Immune cell activation
  • Colony detection


Omni Pro 12, Omni BR, and Omni FL
Omni Imaging Device Comparison Chart




Colony Detection software icon

Clonogenic Assay Module
Track colony formation for clonogenic assays

Confluence Software Module

Confluency Module
Track confluence to monitor cell proliferation or death

Fluorescent Object Count software

Fluorescent Object Count
Quantify and track fluorescent objects

Organoid analysis

Organoid Analysis Module
Identify, track, and analyze organoids

Cell migration or wound healing or scratch assay software module

Scratch Assay Module
Measure wound healing and cell migration/invasion