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Cell Counting Application
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Cell counting is a fundamental step in any experimental workflow, as knowing an accurate cell number is necessary for assessing cell health and proliferation, standardizing protocols, cell seeding, and more. Manual cell counting can be time-consuming, laborious, and error-prone. The Exact platform automates counting, delivering fast, accurate, and reproducible results while removing the subjectivity of manual cell counting.

Measure cell concentration, size, and viability
Cell counting on CytoSMART exact showing total number of cells and viability

Cell-based assays studying the effects of drugs on cell division, proliferation, and viability rely heavily on the assessment of cell numbers before and after a specific treatment. Accurate, reproducible, and fast analysis of cell concentration is enabled by the advanced image analysis capabilities of the Exact platform.

Here, the concentration of cells was measured using the Exact automated cell counter. The generated report provides information on the total number of cells in a sample, cell size distribution, and cell viability.


Count organoids and other 3D cell cultures

Organoids are three-dimensional (3D) in vitro cell culture models that have been used to study infectious diseases, genetic disorders, and cancers. Accurately measuring organoid concentration is critical for developing and improving treatments and therapies. The number, size, and population distribution of organoids in a sample can be assessed using the Exact platform.


Counting Organoids
Counting Organoid Area

The data displayed in separate interfaces provides a clear overview of the characteristics of the analyzed organoid population.