Confluency Module

Confluency Module for Omni Imaging

Confluency Module

Assessing cell confluence is an essential step for many experimental workflows providing insights into cell growth and death. The Confluency Module measures and tracks cell confluency percentage in your culture vessel. With the Confluency Module for Omni and Lux platforms, you can assess cell confluency in an unbiased and efficient way.​


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Key Features

  • >> Versatile fluorescence assays  Perform cell proliferation analysis without perturbing normal cell function.​​
  • >> Simple workflow  Don’t waste time at the microscope. Set up the Omni or Lux to automatically image your cultures and view your results anywhere, at your convenience.​
  • >> Automated analysis  Access results instantly to evaluate your cultures and generate figures.
  • >> Whole-well imaging  Track the entire culture and ensure unbiased, accurate results.​



Streamline your cell confluency analysis

The Confluency Module for the Omni and Lux platforms highlights the position of cells in a culture vessel using a preprogrammed overlay mask to calculate confluency (%), the cell surface area divided by the total area. This allows researchers to track and quantify cell health and proliferation over time. Graphs, images, and timelapses are quickly generated to increase the efficiency of your cell analysis workflow. Improve throughput and reproducibility of your experiments with no dyes, labels, or complicated steps.​

Density Proliferation

With the Confluency Module you can:

>> Measure cell confluency using label-free analysis​

>> Maintain cellular phenotype and culture quality by properly timing cell passaging​

>> Assess cell confluency and viability in response to treatments​

>> Set up notifications to inform you when to passage your cells​

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