Clonogenic Assay Module

Clonogenic Assay Module for Omni

Clonogenic Assay Module

The Colony Detection module makes clonogenic assays easy. Quantify colony formation over time and track the number, size, and circularity. Together with the Omni platform, quickly analyze every well with this simple, intuitive software.


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Key Features

>> Accurate – From label-free cell monitoring to fluorescence-based assays, the Omni adds dynamic visual results to any experiment.

>> Fast – Minimize user-to-user variability with advanced image analysis that incorporates innovative machine-learning algorithms.

>> Powerful  – Get better data with software that assesses the count, size and circularity of colonies in a sample.


The clonogenic assay (or colony formation assay) is an in vitro cell survival assay that evaluates the ability of single cells to survive treatment and reproduce to form colonies. Using the Omni devices, you can monitor colony growth over days or weeks, not limiting data acquisition to a singular time point.


Clonogenic Assay imaged over time from inside the incubator
Figure 1 | Analysis of colony-forming ability of untreated CHO-K1 cells over the course of 7 days. (A) The integrated colony detection algorithm automatically detects and calculates the number of colonies per well. (B) Upon zooming in on a particular well, the colony mask overlay highlights individual cell clusters.


Metrics provided by the Clonogenic Assay Module:

  • >> Count - number of colonies formed
  • >> Size (µm2) - average area/size of colonies
  • >> Circularity - average colony circularity

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