Scratch Assay Module

Scratch Assay Module for Omni imaging

Scratch Assay Module

Wound healing assay or scratch assay is a commonly used method to study collective cell migration in vitro. With the Scratch Assay Module for Omni and Lux platforms, you can visualize and measure the progression of wound closure or cell invasiveness over the course of the experiment.


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With the Scratch Assay Module:

>> Monitor cell migration in real time and label-free

>> Evaluate the effect of treatments and conditions on the course of cell migration

>> Quantify the rate of wound closure


The Scratch Assay Module allows real-time visualization and quantification of wound closure, from your incubator. The tool automatically selects the cell-free (‘scratch’) areas; and quantifies the gap closure and cell migration speed.


Output List

Metrics provided by the Scratch Assay Module:

>> Scratch area (µm2) – scratch area over time

>> Speed (µm2/s) cell migration speed

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