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Realizing the potential of MEA

Understanding heart and brain signaling behaviors—our life’s circuitry—involves piecing together a massive network of complex interconnections. Through thoughtful innovation, our microelectrode array (MEA) systems combine industry-leading electrode count and throughput with the simplicity needed to turn large data sets into meaningful information.

Decode Life's Circuitry

Decode Life’s Circuitry

Record neural and cardiac activity in throughputs up to 96 wells. The plug-and-play Maestro makes MEA experiments simpler and faster than ever before.
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Photo of 96-Well SBS-Compliant Plate by Axion Biosystems.

Exploration at Any Throughput

Axion’s multiwell plates allow scientists to conduct 12, 48, or 96 simultaneous MEA experiments with industry-leading electrode count. High-quality, data-rich MEA assays with throughput flexibility to meet any assay need.

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Control Life's Circuitry

Control Life’s Circuitry

Lumos, 48-well optical stimulation device, provides high-throughput optogenetic control over cellular behavior using up to 4 stimulation wavelengths. Learn More

Maestro Automation

Maestro Automation

Introducing Maestro APEX, the world’s first robotic interface designed specifically for the preparation, maintenance, and execution of MEA assay plates.
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AxIS software suite

AxIS software suite

Powerful data doesn’t have to mean complicated software. AxIS makes operational control and analysis of MEA experiments simple and intuitive.
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Understand intercellular complexities with powerful, accessible MEAs.

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