AxIS 2.0

AxIS 2.0

AxIS 2.0 brings cardiac pacing and advanced neural analysis to Axion’s powerful MEA platforms. From experimental design to data analysis, this comprehensive software suite acquires and analyzes data from your cell-based assays and disease models.Read More

Photo of the Maestro MEA system by Axion Biosystems.

The Maestro

Axion’s Maestro platform elevates MEA technology to the high-throughput arena, enabling analysis of neural and cardiac networks on an unprecedented scale. This system is ideal for large-scale cellular analysis in secondary screening applications. The plug-n-play Maestro system comes with Axion’s Integrated Studio (AxIS) software, making MEA experiments simpler and faster than ever before.Request a Quote

Photo of the miniature environmental chamber by Axion Biosystems.


The ECmini maintains a low flow of pre-mixed gas around the Maestro MEA plate, creating a locally controlled gas environment. The primary application for the ECmini is to maintain carbon dioxide concentrations around MEA cultures, preventing experimental variability caused by pH drift.

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Photo of 96-Well SBS-Compliant Plate by Axion Biosystems.

SBS-Compliant Plates

Axion’s multiwell plates allow scientists to conduct 12, 48, and 96 simultaneous experiments in an industry-standard microtiter format. By dramatically improving productivity, Axion has made MEA technology practical for applications requiring high-throughput capability such as toxicology, drug screening, and safety pharmacology.

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Photo of the Muse MEA system by Axion Biosystems.

The Muse

The Axion Muse introduces fully integrated stimulation and recording to MEA platforms while dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of MEA research. This efficient, flexible, and compact system is well suited for virtually any laboratory environment. When coupled with Maestro, Muse provides an excellent way to qualify an assay before scaling up to the high-throughput Maestro system.Request a Quote

Photo of a single-well plate by Axion Biosystems.

Single-Well MEAs

Single-well MEAs are ideally suited for the electrophysiological investigation of both neural and cardiac cultures. Individual microelectrodes are capable of simultaneously monitoring the activity of a dozen or more cells; the arrangement of multiple electrodes into a grid extends the recording range across a 2×2 mm area, providing concurrent access to both single-cell and network-level activity.

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High throughput electrophysiology for systems-level toxicity testing and drug screening.


Axion’s MEA systems can model complex brain activity and heartbeats in a dish. As a result, toxicity and efficacy can be assessed earlier in the drug development process, and with greater sensitivity and accuracy. These comprehensive system-level evaluations provide an in vitro solution to reducing animal testing, a key objective of the Tox21 and REACH initiatives.

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The Maestro MEA system


Axion’s MEA systems provide a label-free in vitro platform for direct measurement of electrical activity in neurons and cardiomyocytes, while the efficiency and convenience of Axion’s standard MEA plates facilitate use for screening-level applications. The large number of electrodes per well reveals detailed information about systems-level signal propogation.

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New Maestro assay demonstrates highly accurate prediction of drug-induced seizure liability

Atlanta, GA – October 31, 2014 – At the recent Safety Pharma Society (SPS) conference, GSK safety scientist, Dr. Khuram Chaudhary, demonstrated high sensitivity and specificity for seizure prediction using six proprietary compounds. This new cell-based seizure prediction assay demonstrates improved predictivity and throughput over traditional brain-slice assays.

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North American MEA Workshop

The North American MEA Workshop is focused on new in vitro microelectrode array approaches for assessing cardiac and neuro activity. MEA technology is currently being validated within the CiPA initiative to guide future regulatory cardiac safety testing.

At the workshop, leaders in the field will present their experiences on how MEA is being utilized within large Pharma companies and other organizations.

The event is free of charge with refreshments and lunch provided.

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