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Are you an academic/government/non-profit researcher interested in presenting Maestro or Lumos data at an upcoming scientific conference? Axion is pleased to announce a Travel Award program to help offset costs associated with attending. The program is open to researchers worldwide attending a conference in North America or Europe.
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travel award 2022 Emily Welby

Emily Welby, Medical College of Wisconsin

Conference: Cure SMA 2022 Research and Clinical Care Meeting

Abstract Title: The Role of Astrocytes in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Motor Neuron Synaptic Defects

travel award 2022 marina hommersom

Marina Hommersom, Radboudumc

Conference: FENS 2022, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

Abstract Title: Electrophysiological characteristics of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons with CACNA1A variants

May 2022 Axion Travel Award

Hamed Salmanzadeh, University of the Pacific

Conference: ISSCR, San Francisco

Abstract Title: Properties of Human Stem Cell-Derived Neurons in 2D and 3D in Long-term Cell Culture

May 2022 Axion Travel Award

Pascal Röderer, University Hospital Bonn

Conference: IASP 2022 World Congress on Pain, Canada

Abstract Title: Forward programmed human sensory neurons for modeling genetic pain disorders

April end 2022 Axion Travel Award

Shannon McDonnell, Queen's University Belfast

Conference: Young International Cell Senescence Association Conference, United Kingdom

Abstract Title: Divergent autocrine roles for the endothelial SASP

Kartik 2022 Axion Travel Award

Kartik Pradeepan, Robarts Research Institute/Western University

Conference: Gordon Research Seminar/Conference for Fragile X and Autism Related Conditions, Italy

Abstract Title: Modeling from single cell electrophysiology to neuronal network interactions in human induced pluripotent stem cell derived Rett Syndrome and isogenic controls

April 2022 Axion Travel Award

Bettina Weigel, German Cancer Research Center

Conference: Neural stem cells: From basic understanding to translational applications, Greece

Abstract Title: MYT1L haploinsufficiency causes treatable mental disease phenotypes in mice and human neurons

March 2022 Axion Travel Award

Katy Hole, University of Bath

Conference: ADPD 2022 Advances in Science and Therapy in Barcelona, Spain

Abstract Title: Overexpression of an FTLD mutant of Tau disrupts the Tau Interactome and enhances network excitability in primary cortical neurons


October 2021 Axion Travel Award

Ujwal Boddeti, University of Maryland

Conference: Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas

Abstract Title: Role of functional network formation in a stimulation model of cortical epilepsy


Mergaye Travel Award

Muhamad Mergaye, Ohio State University

Conference: 14th Annual Conference on Stem Cell and Biomaterials, Paris, France

Abstract Title: Functional assessment of low oxygen preconditioned human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes subjected to anoxia challenge

Bartmann Travel Award

Kristina Bartmann, IUF-Leibniz Research Institute

Conference: 2020 Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA

Abstract Title: A human iPSC-based in vitro neuronal network formation assay for regulatory developmental neurotoxicity testing

Davila-Montero Travel Award

Sylmarie Davila-Montero, Michigan State University

Conference: 2020 Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA

Abstract Title: Improving identification of neuroactive compounds using temporal information from microelectrode array recordings of cortical neural networks and a semi-supervised classification algorithm

Zwartsen Travel Award

Anne Zwartsen, Utrecht University

Conference: International Neurotoxicology Association 17 Meeting, Duesseldorf, Germany

Abstract Title: Is the decrease in in vitro neuronal activity reversible following acute and prolonged exposure to new psychoactive substances (NPS)?


Guerrelli Travel Award

Devon Guerrelli, Children's National Medical Center

Conference: 2019 BMES Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA

Abstract Title: Assessing the toxicity of medical device plasticizers on cardiac gap junction intracellular communication

Quezada Travel Award

Maria Jose Quezada, Northwestern University

Conference: Society for Neuroscience 2019, Chicago, IL

Abstract Title: Phenotypic characterization of human iPSC-derived motor neurons that carry the common val66met single nucleotide polymorphism of brain derived neurotrophic factor gene using multielectrode array and an in vitro stretch injury system

Pradeepan Travel Award

Kartik Pradeepan, Western University, Canada

Conference: Society for Neuroscience 2019, Chicago, IL

Abstract Title: Developmental population-level differences of stem cell derived excitatory networks from SHANK2 ASD patients

Zipperly Travel Award

Morgan Zipperly, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Conference: Society for Neuroscience 2019, Chicago, IL

Abstract Title: The role of Gadd45b in striatal physiology and cocaine reward

Sibley Travel Award

Lydia Sibley, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab

Conference: Society for Neuroscience 2019, Chicago, IL

Abstract Title: Establishing a co-culture model of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived motor neurons and primary stem cell-derived myotubes from patients with cerebral palsy

Tai Travel Award

Derek Tai, Center for Genomic Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

Conference: Society for Neuroscience 2019, Chicago, IL

Abstract Title: Deciphering the molecular basis of neuronal development deficits in the recurrent genomic disorder

Tomasello Travel Award

Danielle Tomasello, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

Conference: Human Genome Meeting, Seoul, South Korea

Abstract Title: FAM57B Ceramide Synthase, a Hub Gene within 16p11.2 Deletion Syndrome, Maintains Physiological Lipid Membrane Composition

Savell Travel Award

Katherine Savell, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Conference: American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy, Washington, DC

Abstract Title: CRISPR-Based Transcriptional Control of Dopaminergic Gene Programs

Ma Travel Award

Xiaofeng Ma, Washington University School of Medicine

Conference: 66th Annual Meeting of the Society for Reproductive Investigation, Paris, France

Abstract Title: Use of multi-electrode array recordings in studies of electric activities of the uterine smooth muscle of mice


Mok Travel Award

Rebecca Mok, The Hospital for Sick Children & University of Toronto

Conference: Society for Neuroscience 2018, San Diego, CA

Abstract Title: Altered connectivity in Rett syndrome stem cell-derived neural networks

Bryan Black Travel Award

Bryan James Black, The University of Texas at Dallas

Conference: Society for Neuroscience 2018, San Diego, CA

Abstract Title: Human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-derived motor neurons co-cultured with primary astrocytes exhibit functional network sensitivity to botulinum neurotoxin

Mike Nestor 2018 Axion Travel Award

Michael Nestor, The Hussman Institute for Autism

Conference: Society for Neuroscience 2018, San Diego, CA

Abstract Title: High throughput screening of hiPSC derived brain organoids to probe for phenotypes in idiopathic autism

Dina Simkin Travel Award

Dina Simkin, Northwestern University

Conference: Society for Neuroscience 2018, San Diego, CA

Abstract Title: Dyshomeostatic mechanisms of KCNQ2-related epileptic encephalopathy in patient-specific iPSC-derived excitatory neurons

Society of toxicology 2018 Axion travel award

Ashwini Sri Hari, University of Colorado

Conference: Society of Toxicology 2018, San Antonio, TX

Abstract Title: Thiol-containing compounds attenuate oxidative stress and neuronal hyperexcitability in vitro